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Dogs’ towels ensuring cleanliness and comfort Purchasing just the right type of dogs’ towels is tricky, but fascinating. We are proud to help you with this challenging issue! Why would you need dogs’ towels? People  who don’t own dogs sometimes wonder why is it necessary to get a special dog tower and why you just can’t just go with regular towel identical to one we use daily. The reason is, dogs’ towels are typically made of microfiber or other types of synthetic materials. As the result, water from a dog’s fur gets absorbed in a neat and quick manner. On the other hand, basic towels that people use every day for their own purposes are generally produced from cotton. Soft and tender, they are perfect for humans, but unfortunately, their absorbing power is not sufficient for pets. Therefore, if you don’t want to take your dog to a groomer and prefer washing your pet at home using your own resources, a special towel is a must have item that will surely prevent things from getting messy. It’s important to note that dogs’ towels also have some very specific dimensions: as a rule, they are manufactured with a dog’s size in mind. Therefore, you can conveniently wrap such a towel around your pet’s body which is absolutely essential – you surely know the shocking sensation when your dripping wet dog starts shaking! Available in various sizes and colors, dogs’ towels actually serve lots of purposes. As we already mentioned, you can use them to dry a freshly washed dog, but they also are an awesome solution if you need to keep your dog warm and comfortable during a walk in a rainy day. Apart from this, multifunctional dogs’ towels can successfully be used to protect both your apartment and your car from mud and water that are an inevitable outcome of a fun and exciting walk!