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Pet Care: Why Dog Grooming is so Important for your Pooch

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With our busy lives and hectic schedules, something as mundane as dog grooming can feel like a massive chore you can do without. After all, your dog is already pretty enough, don’t you think? What many people and dog owners tend to forget is that grooming is more than just making you fur baby look good-looking. It is much more than that.


First off, grooming does indeed make your canine friend look nice. But it should be emphasized that this is not just about the aesthetics, it also has psychological effects for the humans your dog comes in contact with. As we all well know, dogs are social creatures. A dog who looks well cared for is more welcoming and inviting. People will want to interact with him or pet him thereby giving him more opportunities for socialization.Grooming Your Dog

But more than just having a pretty pet, grooming gives you the perfect opportunity to give ensure that your dog is in tip-top shape. While most people conjure up images of bows and fancy haircut when it comes to grooming, regularly doing so actually allows you to catch any underlying diseases and conditions early. When brushing him, you might find mats that may be causing him pain or suspicious lumps that need to be checked. It’s like what they always say, prevention is better than cure. In this case, the sooner you discover a problem, the more likely your veterinarian – or even you – can help your pet.

Another pro that comes from pet grooming is household cleanliness. The more you brush and comb your dog, the less hair shed. But what is perhaps the most emotionally rewarding reason for grooming is the bond that you foster with your fur baby. With the busy lives we lead and the career ladder that we strive to climb, grooming gives us the chance to slow down and spend quality time with our pets. I have a feeling that right about now, you are thinking where you stored your dog grooming supplies. And go right ahead. No better time to start your grooming ritual than now.


Before you start searching for the best dog clippers and reading up on dog clipper reviews, here are some tips on grooming your dog.

Brushing. Most people think that grooming is only about brushing but really, it is only just one part of it. Regular brushing removes dirt, dandruff and dead hair from your pet which in turn prevents tangles and matting which may be painful and can lead to infection. Aside from that, brushing also evenly distributes the natural oils in the fur leaving that coat glossy and sheen. Take note that dogs have different fur types. So be sure to buy a comb that is specially made for your pet’s fur type. This Shedding Rake Hair Comb, for example, is perfect for long-haired types. There are also combs designed for convenience and variety like this Self-Cleaning Dog Hair Brush and Detachable Dog Grooming Comb.Shedding Rake Hair Comb

Remember that it is also when brushing that you can examine the skin more thoroughly. Look out for ticks and fleas as well as bald and dry patches. The sooner you recognize the issues, the more manageable it is.

Ears. Ears need routine checks too. It should smell like nothing. If they give off a smell or it has a lot of debris, then you have a problem. Watch out if there is redness or if it is inflamed.

Eyes. Your pet’s eyes must be clear, shiny and moist-looking. If you notice any redness or irritation or a cloudy eye, tell your vet. Eyes can be prone to infection if the hairs around them are not kept trimmed. This Straight Curved Dog Grooming Scissors Set may just be the one you need for all your trimming needs.Straight Curved Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Teeth. It may be just because of what your pet last ate but bad breath is never a good thing. Regular teeth brushing is highly recommended. Besides this is the only way to help combat periodontal disease. Good thing there are Pet Toothbrushes Set available in the market. If you have a small dog, Pet Finger Toothbrushes may be more suitable for you.

Nails. Dogs can have sharp nails which can cause serious injury if not frequently trimmed. Active dogs that wear down their claws may not need nail trimming but most indoor pets usually do. If not taken care of, the nails can grow into toe pads and skin. Be careful when cutting though. Avoid the area within the nail that contains blood vessels. Trim nails a sliver at a time using a Stainless Steel Dog Nail Trimmer or with the Newest Electric Dog Nail Trimmer Kit.Newest Electric Dog Nail Trimmer Kit

Bathing. Of course, we can never forget bathing. But just as they say that too much of a good thing is bad, it is not a good idea to bath your dog everyday. Bathing too often can have negative effects on your pet as it strips all of the natural oils from their skin. Bathing once a month works for most dogs. But if your pet has an oily coat, Basset Hounds for example, he may need a once a week schedule. Those with short-hairs like Beagles and Weimaraners will be alright with less frequent baths.


Owning a pet is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. It should not be born out of whim but from careful consideration. It is life in your hands – life that must be protected and taken care of. Always remember, that while you dog may only be a small part of your life, to him you are his whole world.

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