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Is My Child Ready to Own a Dog?

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The simple answer is yes. Getting a dog for your child is pretty much having another kid in the house that stays a kid forever and walks in all fours. Having a dog is probably one of the fondest memories you had as a child and for your child, it would be one of the best human experiences you can offer them.

Keeping a dog in your household not only adds security to your home but also has numerous positive effects towards your child’s well-being in various aspects of their lives as enumerated by the following.

1. Petting a dog everyday keeps the doctor away.

It is without a doubt that dogs inherently have a lot of bacteria that clings on to them. They get everywhere! And we all know everywhere. Mainstream media may have made us mysophobic (fear of germs), but contrary to popular belief, cleaning more actually makes you and your children susceptible to allergies and other common illnesses.

Obviously, this s not to say that you should never clean your house but exposure to bacteria in minimal amounts helps build the immune system. Studies show that children with household pets have been correlated with less visits to the doctor and less likely to develop allergies. Even just briefly petting a dog has evidence that it boosts the immune system.

Having dogs also encourages your child to be more active. Dogs require exercise just as much as we do and playing fetch or just simply running around with a companion provides an opportunity for being physically active for your child.

2. Dogs teach kids how to cope socially.

Dogs are inherently good with people, may it be towards introverted or extroverted children. Dogs provides a place of trust, compassion and non-judgment and thus, when a child is upset, having a dog around would improve their mood one way or another. Having this emotional outlet would also teach kids of the same positive values.

More often than not, children refer to their dogs not just as pets but also as one of their peers. Having a dog around provides an avenue for social interaction and would also encourage even the most introverted child to come out of their shell little by little. Conversations such as, “What’s the name of your dog?”, “How old is he/she?”, although little significantly helps a child in developing socially.

3. Learning responsibility.

Keeping a dog gives a child a glimpse of obligation that they will experience as they get older. Even just a merely making sure that their water bowl is filled, giving them food, brushing their fur or giving them a bath, this teaches a child accountability.

Moreover, children also learn how to empathize and have confidence and higher self-esteem when they get to take care of their pets which also cascades down in every aspect of their lives and also as they get older. Studies also show that children with pets are also more likely to be better parents in the future.

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4. Understanding mortality.

In most cases, the first experience of dealing with mortality for a child is the death of a household pet. Despite being one of the most basic human process, this would be perhaps the most difficult to teach children with just a simple talk.

When children take care of a dog, outliving them would be the last thing they would think about until it actually happens. Learning to accept that life and death is something children must learn and the sooner they grasp this concept, this will allow them to properly cope better.

Of course, giving a dog to a child would require supervision and you would probably end up taking care of it more than your kid. But the experiences that they will acquire would probably be the fondest memories that your child will ever have when they look back as adults and giving a puppy a home is also not a bad idea.

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