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The Five Important Life Lessons That Dogs Teach Better

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A household’s first puppy is probably one of the fondest memories that most people look back on and this follows that being able to give a child’s first puppy would probably the best experience that you could offer to a child as he/she looks back as an adult.

From a famous article that went viral about a 6 year old boy named Shane who had his family dog named, Belker, that needed to be euthanized because the dog was dying of cancer had said these famous lines when asked if he understood why Belker had to leave so soon. He answered, “People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life – like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right? Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay that long.”

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Indeed, the words spoken were from a child wise beyond his years but without a doubt, dogs teaches us life lessons better than we ever can in our lifetime. With that, here are other five major life lessons that dogs have taught us.

  1. To love unconditionally.

This is a no brainer for dogs because these creatures don’t even have the concept of good and bad because they just have all ‘good’ in them. As humans, more often than not, we tend to focus more on the faults that other people have do done in comparison to the bad ones. Now this is not to say that the feelings of being wronged is invalid – because it totally is with the right reasons but if anything, the unconditional love that dogs show is to teach us to be compassionate with ourselves and other people.

Just like humans, dogs also gets to feel pain and emotion. The natural reaction to this is to comfort the dog and letting him know that you are there. The same goes when you deal with other people, that despite their faults and weaknesses, you are able to overlook this and extend a hand to comfort them in their troubles.

  1. To be patient.

As much as we would like to believe that dogs are complete angels incapable of any wrong, this is a complete misconstrued idea. Dogs can be frustrating as well. They nip, scratch, slobber and even eat their own poop if left unsupervised and with that, we make it a point to train them to modify the behaviors we don’t like.

Training is long and tedious and dogs will never get it the first time you teach them. This also teaches us restraint that no good will come if you yell at your dog when he destroys your furniture, instead, you do your due diligence to train him not to do it anymore.

  1. They teach us empathy.

Empathy is the ability to understand a person may it be from verbal and nonverbal gestures, facial expressions, body language and etc. and a dog gives off a lot of these things. On top of it, this is actually backed up with science.

According to research, children who grew up with dogs are able to process nonverbal cues and languages better. When they do see any sign of discomfort from their pet, there is the understanding that they have to do something to alleviate the discomfort and these kids have shown to have a higher emotional quotient as well.

As adults, there are moments that we become egocentrically about ourselves and sometimes forget that we have to offer an open and understanding ear to someone else. What a better way to remind you of this than a creature that exemplifies it the most? A dog.

Getting a dog goes beyond making sure that he is well fed but you also have to ensure that your dog has enough social, physical and mental stimulation. Basically, it’s like having a child but will remain that way for the rest of his life and walks in all fours with just a bit more hair than usual. If this doesn’t scream responsibility, I personally don’t know what else does.

Dogs are also a perfect way to teach a kid the concept of accountability. Even with a mere task of having to put food and water on their respective bowls, cleaning up after they eat and other simple tasks allow the child to grasp that they are also responsible for another living creature.

Moreover, studies have shown that children that embrace their responsibility has shown to have a significant boost on their self-esteem and taking initiative and whenever they are praised for doing the right thing, their self-esteem is boosted even more.

Death is much of a part of life as life is a part of death. Indeed, a difficult philosophical concept to teach a child verbally but a very important one.

As adults, our first experience about death is probably the death of a family dog and this has only rubbed off on us when we have become more mature to grasp it at a later age and has played a big part in our grieving process for loss more than we have realized.

With children however, the experience of the death of a loved one such as a pet is not something you’d expect them to understand and as the adult in the situation, you can offer nothing but words of assurance. This in turn allows them to develop coping mechanisms that they will inevitably need as they turn into adults themselves.

When you do decide to get a dog for yourself or may it be for a kid who wants to experience having his/her first puppy, a decade of a roller coaster of funny and exasperating moments await but overall, what truly makes it worth it is the love that you receive, the loyalty and companionship like no other and of course the life lessons that no other human can teach better.

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