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Cleaning House Tips for Dog Owners

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Whether you decide to get a dog as part of a family household or a companion in an apartment, the experience is like having a child of your own. A child and a dog is the same in all regards, only that a dog walks on all fours and will remain a child that will never grow up. With that in mind, you also have to know the upkeep implications with having a dog in the house means.

cleaning tips

If you are a first-time dog or pet owner in general, keeping the house clean would probably be difficult for you if you didn’t anticipate it in the first place. Just like having a child in the house, expect that at some point, your space will be a mess but it doesn’t have to be and believe it or not, you can actually achieve some semblance of order. Here a few things that you would have to keen on to have a clean and organized space.


Fur. There will definitely be fur everywhere whether you keep a dog that has a double coat or a “non-shedding” dog. Yes, there are numerous breeds that have short hairs but both types of dogs are notorious for having their hair stick to everything from your clothes to your furniture.

Deshedding Touch Gloves For Dogs

For non-shedding dogs, they tend to shed more when they live indoors. Make it a point to brush them at least twice or thrice a week outside your house to avoid the hairs going everywhere. Brushes that are made out of rubbery plastic material like these Gentle Dog Hair Removing Gloves and Plastic Dog Grooming Gloves with Adjustable Strap is most ideal for short-haired dogs.

As for double coated fur dogs such as the Chow Chow, Siberian Husky, Corgi and many other of its fluffy counterparts, expect that there would be a lot more fur. These types of dog seasonally shed or what groomers’ call “blowing coat” in which they replace their outer coat with a fluffier or a relatively thinner one depending on the season and this usually happens twice a year. Other than that, fur regularly comes of these pets regardless of season.

cleaning tips


To keep your house as dog fur free as possible, make it a point to brush their coat at least twice or thrice a week outside your house. Brushing your dog’s hair with a steel pin brush (without knobs) such as this grooming comb, will significantly lessen the fur inside the house.

Moreover, you would know that it’s the time of the year to blow coat when the fur left behind by your dog comes off in bigger quantities. At this time, it is best to use a shedding rake hair comb to effectively scrape out the fur on your dog.

shedding rake hair comb

Preventive measures

So far, the tips mentioned are regarding grooming in which your dog does not have any control over. But how about certain behaviors that contribute to more work in the house upkeep such as scratching the sofa and other furniture in the house?

The good thing about this is you could actually train your dog to discourage these kinds of behavior. With a good amount of patience and consistency in training, you will be able to arrive at a common ground with your pet.

These are a few steps that will give you a general idea on how you would be able to train your dog to get off the bed, couch or any furniture where their hair would tend to stick the most.

  1. Train your dog to get “off”.

When it comes to verbal cues, it is best to use short ones. Saying “off” in a stern manner will have your dog know that it means no. In doing so, be consistent with your dog. If you live in a household full of people, orient them to do the same thing. If your dog starts to put his paws on the couch, tell him to get “off”. When your dog doesn’t follow suit, simply remove the paw and tell the command once again.

dog training

If your dog jumps on the couch and wouldn’t respond to the command, help them get down. (Please do not throw or, push or shove your dog.)

  1. Positive reinforcement.

Don’t expect your dog to immediately get commands because that would take a while for your dog to get used to. What you can do however if your dog keeps on jumping on the couch is to have a non-verbal cue like a click of the tongue to signal that he should get off the couch. When your dog has gotten off the couch, reward him with a little treat.

That way, whenever he hears your tongue click, he knows that he needs to get off the couch.

  1. Get your dog a bed.

The main reason why your dog would prefer the couch is because it’s comfortable and soft in comparison to just lying on the floor. With a proper dog bedding, your dog is given a second option on where to move.

Dog Beddings

To have your dog get used to his own bed, put dry treats on the bed along with the command “go to bed” or any verbal cue of your choice. You can put the bed near you and when your dog jumps, you can simply give the command.

In time, your dog will immediately go to his spot without further coaxing.

  1. Be consistent!

Above all, be consistent. It’s best when you start training your dog at puppyhood because behavior is more malleable that way. With the consistency in training, discipline will be properly ingrained in your pet.

Where they eat

Where your dog eats, it tends to be messy. Dog food might go everywhere attracting unwanted critters like ants, rats or many other nasty critters that doesn’t do any good for your house and your pet.

Many owners neglect to do this but putting a dog mat where the food and water bowl is situated greatly contributes to the mess control. Preferably, a microfiber dog mat such as this particular Paw Designed Microfiber Pet Dog Bowl Place Mat will complement your dog’s feeding station.

Getting yourself a dog is indeed a responsibility because not only you have to think about feeding them, you also have to take into consideration the time and energy that you will expend to train your dog, your place’s general upkeep, trips to the vet and many more. To put simply, getting a dog should not be done out of a whim. However, with all these things that you would have to go through, nothing can be compared with the love and companionship you get from a dog making all the work worth it by the end of each day.  

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