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3 Things to Keep in Mind for a Flea and Tick Free Dog

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Dogs are inherently messy and dirt easily sticks to them because they get everywhere. May they be big or small, they are not immune to fleas and ticks no matter how cute and adorable they are. Prevention is better than the cure and this remains true when taking care of your pooches. It is your due diligence to do all the preemptive measures for your pet to be comfortable and for your home to be flea and tick free.

There are three things that you will have to regularly check on when you decide to keep a dog and these are the following: (1) your dog, (2) the indoor environment and (3) the outdoor environment.

  1. Your dog.

Whether your dog is the furry kind or not, brushing your dog is essential. Now, there are different kinds of combs and brushes depending on the kind of fur your dog has but to check for potential fleas and ticks, a steel brush will do. The stainless steel double sided dog hair brush is a good reference for an ideal brush.

stainless steel double sided dog hair brush


To check for potential fleas, you would have to prepare for a white paper towel beneath the area you would be combing. If black, sandy, flecks gather on the paper towel, chances are your dog has fleas. You would also have to check if there are tick bumps on the skin of your dog.

Now you discover that your dog has fleas and ticks. The sensible thing would be to not panic. There are various anti-flea products in the market like sprays, injectable, collars and etc. but it is best to consult your veterinarian for optimal results.


  1. Your indoor environment.

Drapes, furniture edges and everywhere your pet sleeps, regularly vacuuming has proven to be effective in prevention. Where your dog goes, the wretched little critters follow, so before you experience a full house infestation, you would have to vacuum regularly.


Dog Bedding

It is highly recommended to wash your dog’s beddings at least once a week to make sure that it remains clean and bug-free. The 3 piece detachable and washable pet bed set is a great reference for an ideal bed sheet because it takes care of your dog’s other needs and easy to clean. There are tons available in the market that are affordable but quality dog beddings. Simply use keywords “cheap dog bed” or “best dog bed” and you are bound to find what you’re looking for.

If however that there are fleas and ticks starting to infest your house, you will need insecticides that contain both an adulticide and an insect growth regulator (IGR) such as priproxyfen or methoprene. These come in both foggers and sprays. Foggers are most effective in large open areas, whereas sprays are for nooks and crannies that foggers may not reach.

  1. The outdoor environment.

Fleas and ticks thrive in moist, warm and shady areas. Places like sandboxes, under a tree branch, dog houses or any area that does not get exposed much under the sun is a favorite spot among fleas and ticks. If you have a backyard where your dog frequents, make sure to check and clean these areas and rake away these kinds of possible habitats. If your place is frequented by wild animals, they are more often to carry bugs with them. Discourage them and if possible, don’t feed these wild creatures.


Dog Costume


Keeping a dog is indeed a responsibility and not something that you should decide to get on a whim. Not only that you have to feed and bathe them, there is a big possibility that you would have to go through back-breaking work just to keep your place more sanitary. All this hard work is nothing however when you see your dog happy and healthy and will offer you unconditional love and companionship for as long as they can.


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